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You can spend time learning VAT rules and calculating VAT returns – or you can get our specialist VAT help and get back to running your business. We take care of all your VAT needs.Often this leads to better cashflow and sometimes even a hefty rebate where you’ve overpaid your VAT.

Before you start you need to dispute that your product should be zero rated? Want help disputing an assessment? Or represent a specific business sector and want to challenge a VAT rule? We’re the people to have in your corner.
HFH Accountants is well established name help our client to achieve their goal.

Here’s just a few areas where we can help:

Partial Exemption
VAT Disputes and Appeals
Planning and Structuring VAT Transaction

Advantages of Registering for VAT:

  • You can reclaim VAT paid for business purposes:
  • Business supplies such as computers, desks, chairs and utilities have VAT applied to them. You’ll need to pay VAT on those business supplies at time of purchase, but you can reclaim it from the government when filing your VAT return.
  • It looks professional:
  • Being VAT registered makes you look more professional to other businesses. It can also hide the fact that your turnover may be lower than the compulsory VAT threshold.

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The HFH Accounting team will be at your service and will try their best to offer you a good value for your money. We will accommodate you according to your needs as fulfilling them is our top priority. You can trust us with your best interests and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. 

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